The doctor said, I should be expecting on any day in May 2017. It was 11 May 2017(Thursday). I went to the hospital to get checked up by a gynaecologist (with great reputation in the neighbourhood) at my in-laws place who didnt see through…

The most enjoyable hour of my day!

Tea Time

Throughout my schooling, the subject which I despised the most is “Hindi Language”. It was the day I had my Class-10 Hindi language main exam. My dad woke me up at 4:00 AM to make me revise the most depressing subject of my…

Hi all! I am Amani. This is my first post ever. I am an introvert who, at the end of the day, pens down all the perspectives, thoughts, feelings that go around in the brain on the journal. I always thought who gives a damn about my perspectives or what…

Amani Mutyala

Software Developer, Mother, Reader, Writes Journal, A big fan of Habit Forming

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